Mecca Restaurant Raleigh NC

“He Profits Most
Who Serves The Best!”
Dedicated to Michael Stephen Johnson
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Come Celebrate Mecca Restaurant Day on May 1!

Downtown Raleigh Historic Landmark Breakfast Lunch Dinner Late Night Bar

Humongous Ham Comes out of Hiding (Courtesy N&O)

Come on out and join us on Friday, May 1, 2015 at Raleigh’s historic Mecca Restaurant, as we celebrate our 85th anniversary. The day’s events will begin with a ribbon cutting, featuring multiple generations of the Dombalis family. From there, our guests will be able to enjoy ice-cold Coca-Colas for just a nickel, as we flash it back to 1930’s pricing. Live entertainment will be provided throughout the day on both floors, including a Greek Bouzouki player, street dancers, and, after 5, an acoustic set from Hank Sinatra. The party, which will be emceed by none other than our own Infamous Ham, will continue all night. Various members of the Dombalis family will be on hand for story-telling and photo ops. The Ham will be made available for photos as well.


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