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Mecca News Archives Digitized

Downtown Raleigh Historic Landmark Breakfast Lunch Dinner Late Night Bar

August 27, 1978 issue of the News & Observer

Thanks to our friends Jason Hedrick and Nicole Sarrocco, and all the fine folks at SC Data, every news article written about the Mecca (that we know of) has been digitized.

Since 2011, we’ve been digging though our basement, trying to find anything we can find about the Mecca.  We found some gems, including articles written as far back as the 1960’s.  Some of these articles are features specifically about us, while others just contain a mention.  These articles are worth reading, too, as they provide a neat history of Downton Raleigh as a whole, and our place in it.

We’ve posted them to our Photos page; you’ll have to scroll past the “Customer Photos” and “Food Photos” gallieries.  I did about 10-15% of them myself (somewhat clumsily), and SC Data was kind enough to finish the job.  Thank you so much, guys, for helping us preserve these important pieces of our rich history!



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