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Downtown Raleigh Web Run, Friday the 13th Edition

N&O: Raleigh parking spots to become tiny “Parklets”

Downtown Raleigh News Restaurant Breakfast Lunch Dinner Late Night Bar Historic Diner

Coming soon to the corner of Hargett and Salisbury Streets
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When people complain about downtown being too crowded, we remind them that downtown Raleigh used to be a bad neighborhood.  We love the idea of parklets because we feel like they will bring a little vibrance to our street-level experience.  We’re also big fans of Deco.  As a fledgling retail establishment, they are an important piece of the puzzle in downtown Raleigh.  If things go well for them, more retail will follow.  We’re so glad so see they’re doing well, and so thankful for their contribution. They also have one of the coolest neon signs you’ll ever see: Downtown Raleigh News Restaurant Breakfast Lunch Dinner Late Night Bar Historic Diner N&O: Raleigh councilman wants evening downtown parking fee As much as downtown has improved from 20 years ago, it does need a facelift (have you smelled the stairwells in the Moore Square deck lately?)  Two interesting questions come to mind:

  1. Would the $1 million annually that this proposed change would net the city make a big enough difference?
  2. Does free parking after 7pm really a “big piece” of why downtown is successful?

We’re not saying we agree with either side at this point, but those are the two main questions that need to be discussed.  

Raleigh Public Record: Lincoln to Break Ground Friday  Another apartment complex coming to the Moore Square area.  It’s truly unbelievable to think of how many people will be living on Moore Square in a couple of years.  The Lincoln will be taking up a whole city block and, along with the Skyhouse project, contributes 544 new apartment units opening up in the next few months.  It’s also four stories, which provides a nice transition between downtown and the single family residences east of downtown.


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