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People of the Mecca: Bobby Edgerton

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Bobby Edgerton has been a loyal customer for over a decade

This week’s featured customer is Bobby Edgerton, who was kind enough to take a few minutes out of his day to answer some questions for this post.  His family, like ours, is a staple of Raleigh, and we’re excited to be able to feature another member of the “Old Raleigh” fraternity, even it it means interrupting his lunch for a few minutes…

What’s your name, and where do you work?

I’m Bobby Edgerton and I manage money in the stock and bond markets

How long have you been coming into the Mecca?

10 years

Do you remember your first visit?

It was all Floye….

Where did you hear about the Mecca?  

Here, there, and everywhere

What’s your favorite Mecca dish?

The Boiled Potatoes

Do you have a favorite memory of the Mecca?

Floye and Paul takin’ care of business

If someone were thinking about coming in to eat at the Mecca, and asked your opinion, what would you tell them?

It’s the world’s best restaurant if you factor in the history–John, Nick, Paul, Floye, John, and Leslie–the spirit of all that have worked here, knowing you’ve been in the best place ever.

Thank you, Bobby, for your loyalty and your friendship!

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