Mecca Restaurant Raleigh NC

“He Profits Most
Who Serves The Best!”
Dedicated to Michael Stephen Johnson
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People of the Mecca: Roosevelt Farmer

Downtown Raleigh Breakfast Lunch Dinner Diner Roosevelt Farmer is one of our most longstanding customers, having first visited us back in 2001.  He’s been a fixture ever since.  He is currently retired form the Department of Health and Human Services, and also served as a public school teacher for many years.  When he comes in during breakfast or lunch, he is comfortable enough to grab his own menu and silverware on the way to his favorite booth.  He didn’t hear about us through word of mouth, but as a walk-in.  On that first visit, he found the food and service to be “remarkable”; to this day, he cites the smiles and the welcome he receives when he walks in as his favorite part of the Mecca experience.  For anybody thinking about paying us a visit, he recommends the fried chicken or a cheeseburger, and offers some sage advice: “If you want some southern food, go to the Mecca!”

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